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Swedish Nutra Marine Collagen Powder 10,000mg

Swedish Nutra Marine Collagen Powder 10,000mg

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300g Mix With Your Favourite Drink Hot Or Cold (unflavoured)


☕ Made from 100% Natural ingredients 


☕ Non GMO and naturally free from Gluten, soy, egg, nuts, & lactose


☕ A product that can slow down ageing. As your body ages, natural collagen production slows down and side effects such as wrinkles and pores begin to appear, as well as lack of pain in muscles and joints. To slow down aging you need collagen to replenish every day within your diet.


☕ Rejuvenates and maintains your skin. Collagen 10,000 mg supplemented with fish collagen is designed to rejuvenate and maintain your skin. Fish collagen keeps your skin fresh and improves the cell cycle.


☕ Not only rejuvenates, but also promotes the natural production of collagen in the body. One dose of collagen 10,000 is easily digestible and thanks to being in a ready to mix form is quickly absorbed.        


☕ 100% Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen


☕ No other ingredients or fillers - 100% GARANTEED 


Recommended daily dose - 2 Scoops (measuring cup provided)


    Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen 10,000mg **

    Store cool. Out of direct sunlight.Use within 2 months after open.Keep out the reach of children.

    If you have any medical conditions or if you are pregnant or breast feedingconsult your doctor prior to use. Discontinue use if you experiance any adverse effects. Health supplemets should not replace a varied diet.

    Allergy Warning: Contains ingrediants from Fish.